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Metro Atlanta, Alpharetta, Johns Creek Midwife Services

ISIS Midwife Services offers all childbirth and well woman care services, in a warm and welcoming environment.

The midwives at ISIS Midwife Services work diligently to give customized care, living up to each families individual birth and baby care plans in the most safe and comfortable way possible.

Our home-like facility at North Fulton Hospital, where we assist families in receiving their new babies, is a natural birth friendly facility, therefore allowing us to provide waterbirth, natural birth and medicalized birth (if desired or needed).

Our Certified Nurse-Midwives (CNMs), who continue their education in holistic health care on an ongoing basis, welcoming doulas, childbirth educators and other specialists providing complimentary services.

Monthly meetings with the midwives, families and complimentary care providers,  provides the families with evidence based education and resources, increasing their chances of having an amazing birth experience. It is also an opportunity for families to get to know their midwives outside of a clinic environment, in a more relaxed setting.


How to find a midiwife and what to ask a midwife to get the birth you want.

Posted September 19th, 2013 by admin and filed in Uncategorized

By Kim Storey, CNM


I am always in awe of what women ask and want at their first visit, some are shy and some have done their homework and come out swinging with questions.

I think the trick to getting what you want and need with any pregnancy,  is to have an open and equal dialogue between the provider and the pregnant women.


Here are some questions that you can ask at your first visit:

  1. Are you certified? If so, through what organization and what does your designation mean?
  2.  Are you licensed by the state?
  3. Do you work in conjunction with a board certified ob-gyn?
  4. Who covers for you if you’re not available?
  5. What do you charge for prenatal care, the birth and post natal care? (Just be aware she might have to have you meet with the insurance person in the office for this question).
  6. Do you deliver babies in hospitals or only at homes? Both? (Direct Entry Midwifery Reports for Georgia)
  7.  If I want a home birth but need to go to the hospital, will you come with me?
  8. Do you have a hospital that you prefer to transfer your clients to?
  9. Can you help me file the paperwork with my insurance?
  10. Do you work with a birthing center? (FARM BIRTH CENTER OUTCOMES)

Also, it is important to know the providers view on birth and their philosophy. For example, do they view birth as normal, special, an a amazing gift from God as I do, or do they view it as an illness and a diagnosis that needs fixing with medical interventions?

Also, what will their role and your role be in labor and after the birth of your child?

Remember, you are giving birth and the provider you chose is helping you to birth normally and naturally.

If they want to deliver you, then my only words for thought is “run” because women do not need to be delivered, but just assisted with ther births. I consider it to be an honor and a privilege that you let us assist you. Here at Isis Ob/gyn, we believe that you can birth normally and naturally if given the support that you need throughout pregnancy and during your birth experience.